5 Essentials for Summer Baseball

June 01, 2024
5 Summer Tips for every Young Baseball Playr With summer quickly approaching, I wanted to briefly discuss some important topics that parents and players have been asking about on a daily basis. Summer is arguably the most important developmental period for young ath...


What is Performance Physical Therapy?

May 01, 2024
Traditional Physical Therapy historically under-prepares athletes to return to sport following injury. Whether it be due to limited insurance coverage or an out-dated approach, most practices fall short in prepares athletes for the high demands of their respective sports. A...


Blood Flow Restriction Training

March 02, 2024
Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) is a technique that combines low intensity exercise and blood flow regulation to produce similar results to high intensity training. It is a great tool following injury or surgery, and is commonly used in athletic training rooms in all profes...


Remote Coaching

January 02, 2024
    Looking for some extra guidance through your return to sport progressions? Whether due to limited insurance or restricted access to providers, we often hear from parents and athletes that they would like more help with their return to sport prog...


Direct Access

December 01, 2023
  Are you dealing with pain or an injury? Seeing a physical therapist early can help you address and manage your symptoms while also likely save you money. Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts that can help you improve your symptoms and tailor a ...


Who We Are

December 01, 2023
Echo Sports Physical Therapy was founded by residency and fellowship trained sports PT, Steve Carlin. A native of Edmond, Steve launched Echo after working several years in Major League Baseball for the Miami Marlins and Kansas City Royals organizations. Echo Sports was created t...


Have you been fully prepared to return?

By Echo
March 31, 2023

      Looking to get back into the gym, on the field, or on the pavement? If you're spending the majority of your injury rehabilitation on a table, receiving endless treatments and low-level exercises, you may want to reconsider your rehab p...


Our Story

March 18, 2023
          We often get asked: how does one become a Physical Therapist for a professional sports team? Here is our short list: First, you need a thorough understanding of the sport’s demands. -Steve was fort...


Echo Sports Strength & Conditioning

May 06, 2022
Echo Sports strength & Conditioning In 2020, my wife and I made a tough decision to leave Major League Baseball to be closer to family. As a former college athlete from Edmond, I always felt like Oklahoma lacked rehab and sports performance resources found ...


Every Parent's Goal: How to Keep Your Athlete Healthy

By Steve Carlin, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
February 24, 2022

  I speak with parents all the time and hear their concerns about their young athletes. One common theme, is that they want their athletes to thrive on the field, have long careers, and be healthy into adulthood. Unfortunately, I see FAR too many young athletes (s...


Youth Baseball & Softball Injuries

January 31, 2022
  Injuries continue to be an issue across many youth sports. What can we do about it? Previous research on youth softball & baseball tells us known risk factors for injury: (not limited to) single sport specialization, throwing tired or with pain, excessi...


Why Echo Sports Physical Therapy?

December 12, 2021
What’s behind our name? To reflect our mission: get athletes and active adults back to the activities they love! Similar to an echo, our patients bounce back… with velocity! At Echo Sports Physical Therapy, we offer a unique model of performance physical thera...


Have a Disc Herniation? You May Want to Read this...

October 03, 2021
Have you been told you have a disc herniation? Don’t press the panic button just yet. There’s good news: 1. Most disc injuries heal on their own, with time. 2. A large percentage of healthy, pain free individuals also have signs of disc changes. Th...


Injury Rates After Lockdown

September 27, 2021
Following the 2020 lockdown and shortened season, what happened to Tommy John surgery rates in Major League Baseball? According to a recent study, pitchers were 3 TIMES more likely to require UCL reconstruction after the 2020 season. Why the increase in injury fre...


Dry Needling

September 26, 2021
  Dry Needling is one treatment option that uses thin monofilament needles inserted into soft tissue. It is thought to cause a local twitch response and result in temporary symptom relief. It can be helpful for reducing pain, tightness, and improving function. I...


Don't Be Alarmed by Your Spine MRI

September 19, 2021
  An interesting study from the 2016 Olympics showed that a large percentage of young, active, high performing athletes had abnormal findings on spine MRI’s. Swipe for the findings! So, how were these individuals able to perform at the highest level d...


Best Way To Recover

September 12, 2021
      Best Ways to Recover Now that the Olympics are behind us. Did anyone notice there weren’t any new recovery or treatment fads that were really covered this year? Remember the cupping and taping frenzy? Several imp...