Our Story

Our Story

September 27, 2021



We often get asked: how does one become a Physical Therapist for a professional sports team?

Here is our short list:

First, you need a thorough understanding of the sport’s demands.
-Steve was fortunate to pitch at Bucknell University which led him to complete an Overhead Athlete Fellowship.

Second, you would benefit from post-professional training after PT school. It will prepare you for advanced clinical practice and equip you with the tools to get athletes back to peak performance.
-Residency: Ironman Sports Medicine Institute
-Fellowship: Overhead Athlete Fellowship w/ Kansas City Royals & ATI

Third, you need to be able to function well in a multi-disciplinary team. Medical and performance outcomes are maximized when all members of the team are supporting each other and owning their role.

We’re excited to now bring these experiences with us to Oklahoma City and Edmond. Need help bouncing back after an injury? We work with active individuals from famous athletes to weekend warriors! Reach out to us.