Best Way To Recover

Best Way To Recover

September 12, 2021




Best Ways to Recover

Now that the Olympics are behind us. Did anyone notice there weren’t any new recovery or treatment fads that were really covered this year? Remember the cupping and taping frenzy?

Several important and evidence based recovery methods were still highlighted. Did you catch them?

So, what are the highest value, research based recovery principles for professional athletes, everyday athletes, olympians.. everyone?

1. Nutrition & Hydration

2. Sleep & Rest

3. Active Recovery

Other Adjuncts (we sometimes use them), are like icing on the cake: 

-Manual Therapy, Cryotherapy, Foam Rolling, E-stim, Compression, Cupping, Taping, Dry Needling etc.

Need help recovering in between training or competition? Reach out to us!